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    If you think that your online marketing plan is confusing, your customers will too. Having the right pieces in place across your entire campaign makes all the difference when attracting new customers to your business. Find out more about what we can do for you with a Free Consultation.
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    SEO Consultancy

    As an SEO consultancy BTY FL is completely technology conscious. As a company, we use our skill set to achieve and improve search engine rankings for our clients. Search Engine Optimization affords businesses and any entity with a purpose valuable insight into previously unknown demographics.

    Local Search Engine Optimization

    In the local sector, government entities and small businesses are unable to cater to the information needs of their local consumer-base. This fact gives businesses potential for prime real estate in search engines that are hungry for more relevant results when given the opportunity.


    If you are looking to generate more leads and increase sales through the internet, contact them.
    Mario Musil - Musil Law Firm
    It is clear they understand what it takes to get people to visit your website and take action.
    Tom Fulmer, CEO - Success Essentials
    Very pleasant to work with, and they have all the experience my business needed.
    Randy Mauldin, CEO - Jack Quinn Solutions

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